How to Find Your Biker Girlfriend Online

As of the major editors of a online biker dating website, I have seen a huge amount of online Harley dating tips from a lot of different sources. No matter it’s experts in psychology, relationships, dating coaches, an average single Harley rider, the champion from national motorcycle rallies, or your best friend who lives the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. It is true that some of the best online motorcycle dating and relationship advice comes from the most unlikely of sources which are seemingly unlikable. However, there are times that it helps to got to the most likely place too. In this case, without any further due. If you’re one of the male Harley riders or female Harley riders who are looking for some good online biker dating tips to find you the compatible and like-minded biker girlfriend, why not ask other biker women who have plenty of online biker dating experiences already and ask them what tips they would give you? after all, motorcycle women knows themselves better than motorcycle men.

With purpose to help out the struggling biker women and biker men, we surveyed more than 3,400 Harley women on the free online biker dating sites and apps and asked what their top online biker dating tips for Harley men are if they want to get a biker girlfriend on the online biker dating website And good news is that we have finally gotten what we wanted for a long time- some great insight and some short, but at the same time sweet and useful tips both Harley girls and Harley guys can start using right away.

Here are the biker dating tips compiled by the online motorcycle dating app. 

1. Be completely straightforward from the very beginning. Because confidence is truly is hot and attractive, so if you’re trying to impress a biker babe you met on online biker dating sites, start to show your confidence by accepting who you truly are, which would be an excellent place to start b.”

2. Don’t just say hi or other boring and plain greeting lines, personalize your message at least a little. By no means that you will have to write a novel or hundreds word long essay, but a couple of sentences or a simple question for your biker chick or biker dude so that the special Harley girl would know you actually care.

3. Profile pictures matter on every single online biker dating platform, thus, take a good care of it. Whenever you take a picture for your profile to attract the right motorcycle rider, make sure your potential biker girlfriend or motorcycle ladies can see your eyes from the picture because it is the body part that speaks the most of yourself. 

4. Like, winks, etc. are the signs women bikers give men bikers to message them. Sometimes motorcycle chicks can get a bit more subtle than motorcycle dudes when it comes to showing their interest in another men. And thus, Harley motorcycle riders should seize better chances like that to start a new page. 

The Unwritten Rules of Online Biker Dating

Times have changed, thoughts have changed, and of course, the rules of online Harley dating have changed as well. If you are still one of the single Harley riders who have huge faith in Playing hard to get or biker men should always pay the bill, or sexual tensions should never occur between male Harley riders and female Harley riders on the very first dare, you need to give it a second thought. Because those obsolete rules for online motorcycle dating are totally out of date. if you truly want to score while looking for a compatible Harley motorcycle rider on free motorcycle riding websites, you need to take a look at the more user-friendly biker dating rules. Now, please read the unwritten rules of online biker dating if you want to optimize your online motorcycle dating skill.    

1.Say no to modesty
How many times have you heard of the advantages of being modesty in the modern world? Whether it is dozens, hundreds or even thousands, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to show your best side to your biker girls or biker guys that you are interested in. you are doing yourself no favor keeping saying “I am actually not good at Harley motorcycle riding”, because you won’t sound any sound attractive at all in front of your biker man and biker women but insecure and needy.

2.Bragging is a turn-off too
Confidence is attractive to every motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys. But be clear that there is difference between being confident and arrogant. Do not every say something like “Nobody understands why I am single” or “ I have a such a fancy job which makes every biker babe and motorcycle babe want me”.

3.Something authentic in your profile is badly needed
“I love hanging out with my biker friends and listening to music”, well, obviously! The aim of putting yourself on the free biker dating websites is to stand out from other motorcycle women and motorcycle man, and to catch the eye of the unique biker chick or biker dude. If you put something as ordinary and boring as the sentence mentioned, there is little chance that you will ever find a motorcycle chick or motorcycle guy that is compatible with you. thus, what you need to do is to be original and, above all, specific about your interests. Instead of saying that you like having fun, go into the details of what fun exactly you want to have, and the most memorable experience you have ever had. Bear in mind that specific information does not only make you sound interesting, but also boosts potential of finding a special Harley chick or Harley dude.

4.It doesn’t concern your past.
Most man bikers and women biker have a history of previous lovers or a heartbreak or two. But do not ever mention it even a little bit about the past to your biker gentlemen or biker ladies, especially during the very initial stage.

Dating Sites for Harley Davidson Girls

As you know, you can find dozens of dating site for Harley riders on the internet. But on many sites, there's no need to registration before view photos and profiles of users. Can you imagine how can we protect our photos and profiles from the internet? It's the key point to find a site that can refuse scammer and fake profiles. is such a site that can protect your information and photos. You may take one minute to sign up for free and offer your information, then search profiles in your area or view recommended photos chosen by the system according to your criterias. You can view photos of Harley Davidson motorcycles of other users and upload your own photos to share and get voted. You can also find users who drive or love deeply in Harley Davidson in your area. Of course you don't need to worry about the scammer or fake profile. The website was dedicated to dating service for Harley singles about 14 years. There's a complex and sound system that can protect you from the insecure elements. provides basic features for those free Harley members while it provides several advanced features for VIP Harley girl members. If you haven’t made the decision to upgrade your membership, you are able to look around to see if this is the exact Harley girl dating site you are looking for. As a free Harley member, you are allowed to take full use of all basic Harley dating features, including updating personal profile at anytime, posting photos to forum part, checking messages and giving a reply back and getting match through the searching tool. 

We have been on Harley dating site for several weeks and what we can tell you is that all these features are especially designed for single Harley men to search for partners and they are extremely powerful as well. On the other hand, you can choose any subscription plan as you wish and no matter which plan you choose, you will be charged only a little money. So, if you still think about if Harley dating site is worth your time and money, you are missing a huge number of wonderful single Halrey women and men here.​

The Fastest Roadways for Harley Davidson Riders in The World

If you are dating a biker man or biker woman, then you know that he or she is really into riding on the open road and enjoy the speed. Well, do you want to take a fast ride with your biker date? Then take a look at some of the fastest roadways in the world.

1. Germany’s Autobahn

It is well known that Germany’s Autobahn is the most famous high-speed road in the world. On the road, bikers are free to ride as fast as they want. But there are actually speed limits on certain roads of the Autobahn. Beware of that most of the construction sites and junctions are heavily patrolled by police.

2. Polish Autostrada

Its speed limit is the highest among other fastest roads at 87 mph. It is an ideal road to catch some different and beautiful views. It is told by regular bikers that it is safe from cops at about 10 miles over the limit.

3. Texas 130

It lasts 40 miles stretching from the capital city Austin to San Antonio. Its speed limit at 85 mph that approved by the Texas Legislature last year is the second highest legal limit in the world. If bikers have time in November when the Longhorns being able to open it up.

4. Isle of Man Rural Roads

The most special about Isle of Man Rural Roads is that there are no speed limits at all . It is nestled between England and Ireland. Besides, it attracts many motorcycle riders to come here for the most deadly high-speed races in the world - the TT Motorcycles Race.

5. Montana Interstates

In the past, the Montana’s interstates had no speed limit at all, which means bikers can ride as fast as they can. But now, there are speed limits at 70-75 mph and police are there to pull over expeditious bikers. Strangely, the statistic showed that it is safer when bikers weren’t restrained.

6. Arizona Route 79

Even if its legal speed limit on this road is between 65-75 mph, Arizona Route 79 is regarded as the fastest and driest roads in America. Because bikers on the road are usually riding at about 90 mph on average. Moreover, the nearby highways like Route 77 and Route 71 enjoy the same reputation among speed motorcycle riders.

7. UAE Highways

The United Arab Emirates highways have a speed limit of 75 mph, but no bikers on the highways drive at that speed. It is a fantastic journey to ride on the roads.

8. Slovakia’s Highways

The speed limits around hamlets and cities in Slovakia are at 37 mph. But bikers are free to drive up to 81 mph in the scenic countryside.

Find a riding partners to do the challenge with you on online dating sites. Do not forget to drive safely on these fastest highways.

How to date Harley singles in Harley motorcycle clubs

Nowadays, online dating services becomes more popular for both young and old people including men and women Harley riders. It is a great chance for Harley riders to find people with the same characters on the internet. However, there is a big problem which has plagued a lot of Harley riders. It is about how to date Harley Davidson singles in Harley clubs. In fact, everything will become easy to you if you follow the steps as follows.

First of all, you had better have your favorite type of motorcycle and own one if you are a man. It can be a Harley, a Honda, a Ducati and so on. It will be deeply embarrassing to be a male Harley passenger since it is the position of biker girls. Secondly, you should join in at least one Harley club in your area since Harley club is the gathering place of Harley lovers. You will have a better chance of getting to know more Harley-Dadvidson singles when a MC have a lot of rider guys and girls. However, there are so many Harley riders in US that you may not know which one is the right one for you. If you add an extra requirement of dating a single Harley girl or guy, the importance of choosing a normal and dependable MC will become evident. Then, how to choose a right MC? My is that you should not only look for MCs in your city but also join some online biker dating site or social sites such as Biker Planet and

Thirdly, to be a part of your Harley clubs, you had better try your best to ride with other biker friends together as frequently as possible. According to a investigation statistics made by, the average very Harley club member rides over 15000 miles every year. So it may be an embarrassing situation that you request your biker girlfriend to have a rest again and again when she invite you to ride for a long Harley travel. Of course, you can choose to ride on the backseat if you are a female rider.  

Fourthly, please try to keep up with a single biker who attracts you and get some information about her or his. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. You can know more about the single biker girl or guy in a MC by reading the rules of the club. If a people is against the rules of a club, he has dropped out of it already. In addition, you can get to know more biker singles in a club by taking part in the activities held by the club. Trust me, this step will improve your chances of successful dating with a biker.

Riding with your Harley partners for a motorcycle travel on the road

Are you still hesitate about taking a Harley trip with your single Harley rider friends? Just do it and you will get the feeling you have never had in your life. A motorcycle travel is a special outdoor activity involving riding, camping and team working. This two-wheeled and man-powered road trip may last a while and show you the real free world outside. There are many reasons that you should head to the open road with your Halrey bike, map and food, but the following 9 reasons may be the best and significant ones. Do not hesitate to invite some biker singles and friends in your city to ride for a Harley travel if you agree with us.

1. Enjoy the Open Road

There is no so-called destination for a Harley motorcycle trip. It is just about the feeling of “on the road”. It is hard to understand it if you did never ride your own Harley Fatboy or as a backseat rider. You can only experience it when you heading out to navigate on your way and feel the wind and the views.

2. A Group of Harley motorcycle Friends and Riding Buddies. 

Did you ever meet a group of Harley motorcycle riders who are holding a boisterous picnics at an out of the way diner?  It need to happen once for you to know that male and female Harley ridres are funny. Road ride with groups of partners is a great way to strengthen your relationship if all of you are bike lovers. And of course there is a great chance that you will meet many like-minded riding partners on the road who will join you. 

3. Enrich your experience

When you take much time outside, you can appreciate the beauty of views, which will promote your aesthetic level. And the motorcycle trip will force you to learn things of geography, weather, physiology, psychology, photograph, biology, communication and so on while you are on the road. 

4. Show you the beauty of life

A short time of riding will change the way you think about life, which means you will like your life more. Some difficulties and bad environment you encounter on the road will make you draw a conclusion that it is much better to live a simple life. Whether you are riding alone or with some Harley partners or matches, one of the important reasons for riding out is to to find some new places to share nature life with motorcycle partners.

5. Help you improve yourself mentally and physically

It is a great challenge to take a bike trip on one's physical strength, perseverance, mental resilience, team work ability and so on. The tough journey will be your perfect chance to strengthen yourself mentally and physically. You will become stronger, healthier, wiser and able to endure the hardship and to stick to things you might give up in the past. 

6. Travel slowly not to miss

Bike trip allows you to travel slowly to explore everything you may meet. The small farm surrounded with vegetables and plants, the people working on the land, the flowers just outside one’s wall. You will have no chance to miss the beauties may touch you. 

7. Sense of accomplishment

It is believed that it is worth attempting to accomplish a goal if it requires intense concentration, skills, good equipment and physical fitness, which are exactly the same about bike riding. 

8. Focus on the present

Once you decided to take on a Harley bike ride, it means you will let your daily life behind your wheels and enjoy the life on the road. You only have to worry about where you will head to tomorrow and focus on the riding and finding a place to camp. 

9. Give you endless story to tell

It is for sure that a long bike journey will give you many memorable, distinct and exciting stories to tell to your families and friends. As long as you have taken a Harley motorcycle travel once, you can end your trip with a long and exciting story with which you can not help to impress your friends for a long time. Sometimes, you may think about the details of your next riding trip.

Why do so many girls like to ride their own Harley bike?

Women Harley riders are nothing new to the world and the number of female motorcycle riders keep increasing with many reasons such as freedom, adventure, spiritual experience, confidence, independence, community and so on. 


Monica Jessie, a 44 years old Harley woman, who lived with the comment that said, “Beautiful Jewish girls from the North Shore of Chicago don't ride motorcycles.” Three years ago, she decided to break this statement and to ride her own Harley bike. Personal challenges, societal stereotypes and cultural expectations would be the main problems for those women who learn to ride in their 30s, 40s, 50s, just like Monica. However, the freedom and independence of motorcycling will help women to master the motorcycle and to make changes in life they have wanted for a long time. 


Wendy Smith has a lifelong dream to ride a motorcycle, but always held up by her family and children. After her divorce in 2013 when she was 48, she decided to buy a Harley bike to make her dream come true. But once again stopped by her mom and kids with the reason of fearing her safety. But the passion didn't stop her from owning her motorcycle. In June 2014, she successfully made it happen. She says, “Only when she is in control of the powerful machine, can she feel free and adrenaline rush.”

Cathy Lisa, an editorial operation manager, recalled her childhood of riding with her dad when she was watching her husband learn to ride. She wanted to feel the free and to recall the happy time with her dad, she started to ride with her husband. Although she was tense and stressed, she quickly learned to shift, brake the bike and pick up speed.

Diane Norton is 55 years old and the Idaho tourism manager. She thought the bikes will help her to be independent and she got what she wanted. The Idaho’s scenic back road is the favorite riding path for her and her husband.


Now 46, account manager Kelly Geissler always dream about riding. But it remained for several years because she thought her husband weren’t interested and her kids and careers were there. Chance came four years ago. They finally rode out and experienced the adventure.

To Conquer Fears

Christine Watson learned to ride to be a partner for her husband three years ago. She was 46 years old and the fear haunted her at the very start. But she overcame it soon and rode better than some veteran riders. “Learning to ride is significant for me for it shows me that I can do anything once I decide to do.” Even her 20-year-old daughter thinks it is cool for her mom to try new things and conquer fears. 


Community is something that cannot be replaced to riders. It is about a group of women who share the same experience and interest with each other.

Here attached a survey conducted by Kelton and commissioned by Harley Dating Site. It interviewed 1,013 adult female riders and 1,016 adult female non-riders. It shows that 37% of women riders and only 16% of women non-riders always feel happy. 35% of women riders report they always feel confident and only 18% non-rider women report that. The survey also found that more than 33% of women riders feel less stressed after riding and 74% of women riders believe their lives have improved since they started riding.