Girls, you can ride as a Harley Davidson passenger

If your Harley motorcycle boyfriend or a single Harley Davidson rider asks you to ride along behind him on the backseat, then you should think about how to ride as a passenger on a motorcycle. Believer it or not, learning to ride as a passenger seems easier, but the fact is it is harder than learning how to ride a bike. It is harder not for you, but also for rider himself. There are no professional schools providing classes to teach people how to ride as a passenger. So the only teachers for you are your motorcycle partners and experienced passengers. 

What to expect for the first time

If a single motorcyclist invites you to ride with him, the first ting you should expect is if he has some experience both in riding motorcycles and carrying passengers. If he is a veteran biker, then you should ask him to explain things you must bear in mind to keep yourself safe. Things like when and how to mount and dismount properly, what to do when the bikers corner, brake and stop, how to communicate with signals about  "stop," "slow down," or "I have a problem." Since it is your first time to have such an experience, you may feel uncomfortable. So don’t accept a long distance ride. Ask your Harley match to take you to several short rides first to get used to it. And if you have problems and feel really uncomfortable, feel free to require your rider to stop for a while.

The gear

The riding gear is important to your safe riding. The helmet is a must to meet the DOT standard both for your rider and you. It will protect you from a horrible crash to some degree. You’d better buy one helmet for yourself, because too small and too big will be uncomfortable and increase the risks. Jacket or leather clothes are also necessary, which will provide protection as well when there is a fall. Boots and gloves are not necessary, but it will be better to wear them. 


It is easy to speak with a single motorcycle rider when you are riding in town, but it will be difficult to communicate with him on the freeway because of the faster speed. So before your ride, you should set some basic signals to communicate with your motorcycle man in front of you. Signals for “stop”, “slow down”, “I have a problem” should be clear. Or you can ask for opinions from the rider. 

Other basic tips

1. Always make sure the rider is ready for you to get on and get off the bike.

2. Avoid any sudden moves and always put at least one hand around his waist all the time.

3. Look over the rider's inside shoulder in a curve once start riding. 

4. Pay attention to the traffic situation as riders do and anticipate what might happen.