The Fastest Roadways for Harley Davidson Riders in The World

If you are dating a biker man or biker woman, then you know that he or she is really into riding on the open road and enjoy the speed. Well, do you want to take a fast ride with your biker date? Then take a look at some of the fastest roadways in the world.

1. Germany’s Autobahn

It is well known that Germany’s Autobahn is the most famous high-speed road in the world. On the road, bikers are free to ride as fast as they want. But there are actually speed limits on certain roads of the Autobahn. Beware of that most of the construction sites and junctions are heavily patrolled by police.

2. Polish Autostrada

Its speed limit is the highest among other fastest roads at 87 mph. It is an ideal road to catch some different and beautiful views. It is told by regular bikers that it is safe from cops at about 10 miles over the limit.

3. Texas 130

It lasts 40 miles stretching from the capital city Austin to San Antonio. Its speed limit at 85 mph that approved by the Texas Legislature last year is the second highest legal limit in the world. If bikers have time in November when the Longhorns being able to open it up.

4. Isle of Man Rural Roads

The most special about Isle of Man Rural Roads is that there are no speed limits at all . It is nestled between England and Ireland. Besides, it attracts many motorcycle riders to come here for the most deadly high-speed races in the world - the TT Motorcycles Race.

5. Montana Interstates

In the past, the Montana’s interstates had no speed limit at all, which means bikers can ride as fast as they can. But now, there are speed limits at 70-75 mph and police are there to pull over expeditious bikers. Strangely, the statistic showed that it is safer when bikers weren’t restrained.

6. Arizona Route 79

Even if its legal speed limit on this road is between 65-75 mph, Arizona Route 79 is regarded as the fastest and driest roads in America. Because bikers on the road are usually riding at about 90 mph on average. Moreover, the nearby highways like Route 77 and Route 71 enjoy the same reputation among speed motorcycle riders.

7. UAE Highways

The United Arab Emirates highways have a speed limit of 75 mph, but no bikers on the highways drive at that speed. It is a fantastic journey to ride on the roads.

8. Slovakia’s Highways

The speed limits around hamlets and cities in Slovakia are at 37 mph. But bikers are free to drive up to 81 mph in the scenic countryside.

Find a riding partners to do the challenge with you on online dating sites. Do not forget to drive safely on these fastest highways.