Why do so many girls like to ride their own Harley bike?

Women Harley riders are nothing new to the world and the number of female motorcycle riders keep increasing with many reasons such as freedom, adventure, spiritual experience, confidence, independence, community and so on. 


Monica Jessie, a 44 years old Harley woman, who lived with the comment that said, “Beautiful Jewish girls from the North Shore of Chicago don't ride motorcycles.” Three years ago, she decided to break this statement and to ride her own Harley bike. Personal challenges, societal stereotypes and cultural expectations would be the main problems for those women who learn to ride in their 30s, 40s, 50s, just like Monica. However, the freedom and independence of motorcycling will help women to master the motorcycle and to make changes in life they have wanted for a long time. 


Wendy Smith has a lifelong dream to ride a motorcycle, but always held up by her family and children. After her divorce in 2013 when she was 48, she decided to buy a Harley bike to make her dream come true. But once again stopped by her mom and kids with the reason of fearing her safety. But the passion didn't stop her from owning her motorcycle. In June 2014, she successfully made it happen. She says, “Only when she is in control of the powerful machine, can she feel free and adrenaline rush.”

Cathy Lisa, an editorial operation manager, recalled her childhood of riding with her dad when she was watching her husband learn to ride. She wanted to feel the free and to recall the happy time with her dad, she started to ride with her husband. Although she was tense and stressed, she quickly learned to shift, brake the bike and pick up speed.

Diane Norton is 55 years old and the Idaho tourism manager. She thought the bikes will help her to be independent and she got what she wanted. The Idaho’s scenic back road is the favorite riding path for her and her husband.


Now 46, account manager Kelly Geissler always dream about riding. But it remained for several years because she thought her husband weren’t interested and her kids and careers were there. Chance came four years ago. They finally rode out and experienced the adventure.

To Conquer Fears

Christine Watson learned to ride to be a partner for her husband three years ago. She was 46 years old and the fear haunted her at the very start. But she overcame it soon and rode better than some veteran riders. “Learning to ride is significant for me for it shows me that I can do anything once I decide to do.” Even her 20-year-old daughter thinks it is cool for her mom to try new things and conquer fears. 


Community is something that cannot be replaced to riders. It is about a group of women who share the same experience and interest with each other.

Here attached a survey conducted by Kelton and commissioned by Harley Dating Site. It interviewed 1,013 adult female riders and 1,016 adult female non-riders. It shows that 37% of women riders and only 16% of women non-riders always feel happy. 35% of women riders report they always feel confident and only 18% non-rider women report that. The survey also found that more than 33% of women riders feel less stressed after riding and 74% of women riders believe their lives have improved since they started riding.