Women Who Ride Harley Davidson Motorcyclist will Have a Better Sexual Life

There is a famous study commissioned by a big motorcycle company - Harley Davidson Dating Site. The study shows that single female motorcycle riders are much happier and more confident than those who do not ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle. And what we can conclude from the study is that women Harley riders are likely to have a better sexual life.

The study interviewed 2,029 females. Among them, 1,013 are adult female riders and 1,016 are adult female non-riders. After the interview, we can see that about 37 percent of female motorcyclists always feel happy, but only 16 percent of female non-riders feel happy all the time. Then, about 27 percent of women Harley riders feel very sexy, but only 7 percent of women non-bikers think they are sexy enough to attract men. Finally, about 35 percent of females who love riding motorcycles always feel confident, but only 19 percent of females who do not ride motorcycles have the faith in themselves. And when it comes to the key role that influences their lives the most, more than half of them indicate that it is the motorcycle that makes them feel happy. And nearly three-quarters of the Harley women signify that their lives have improved greatly since they started riding motorcycles.

It is exactly because female bikers are happier and more confident than non-bikers, they are likely to maintain a nice relationship with their partners. There are 60 percent of female riders often communicate with their partners, but only 38 percent of women who never ride will talk with their lovers regularly. About 51 percent of women who love riding are satisfied with their sex lives with their husband, and only 35 percent of non-bikers are happy with their sexual lives.

According to the study, it is obvious that a Harley plays a very important role in making a women bikers more confident and beautiful. They are aware of what they really want and need in their own lives. Women bikers feel happier and more confident, which allows them to feel less stress and to feel fulfilled easily. That’s why they are happier and more satisfied with their sex lives. They just know what kind of men and what kind of sexual lives they want.

From what we have discussed above, it is easy to conclude that motorcycle riding is a positive outdoor activities to women bikers. Not only because it can present them freedom and independence they desire for so long, but also because it has a good influence on all kinds of factors in riders’ lives. Women who riding a Harley are just happier, more confident and more satisfied with their sexual lives than female non bikers.